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Top tips for Upgrading Accommodation in Holiday Parks

Holiday parks offer an escape for travellers seeking a break from their daily routines. To ensure a memorable and comfortable stay for guests, it is essential for park owners to continue to improve and upgrade their accommodation facilities. However, cost-effective upgrades are crucial to maintaining a balanced budget without compromising on quality. In this journal post, we will explore the top 10 ideas for cost-effectively upgrading rooms in holiday parks, focusing on simple yet impactful changes that can elevate the overall guest experience.

1. Art: Transforming Walls with Creativity

Art can breathe life into any space, and holiday park accommodation & communal spaces are no exception. Invest in affordable yet appealing artworks that resonate with the park's theme. Local artwork or nature-inspired prints can create a sense of connection with the surroundings, making guests feel more engaged during their stay. Investing in cost-effective quality pieces that speak to your surroundings will also ensure that your artwork doesn’t date.

2. Cushions and Throws: Adding Comfort and Style

Revamp the rooms with cushions and cozy throws, adding a burst of colour to complement the rooms decor. These simple additions can instantly update the look of the room, providing both comfort and aesthetics. Choose quality fabrics and inners that will be durable and easily washable. Talk to someone like us for the best commercial grade fabric choices. These are very cost-effective and last much longer than many off-the-shelf options.

When choosing your colours, remember to stay away from angry block colours like red, muted tones are best and you can easily create pops of colour by pairing patterns and plains.

3. Chairs and Tables - Repurposing and Refurbishing

Upgrading chairs doesn't always require buying new ones. Consider repurposing and refurbishing existing chairs with fresh fabrics. If they are past their use by date then we have a range of affordable solutions with practical finishes available on our commercial website.

Replacing entire tables can be expensive. Instead, you can focus on updating table tops with contemporary designs or durable materials like laminate or wood veneers. This cost-effective solution can transform the look of the dining area while ensuring functionality and longevity. Talk to our team about this option as we can guide you to what is the best choice for your space.

4. Outdoor Furniture: Embracing Nature's Beauty

For holiday parks with outdoor seating areas, investing in quality outdoor furniture is a wise choice. Guests appreciate being able to enjoy the natural surroundings comfortably. Look for durable materials like weather-resistant plastic or lightweight metal for long-lasting appeal. You’ll find a great selection with all those factors considered on our commercial website. Our outdoor selections are also a great choice for indoor use.

5. Coffee, Side and Bedside Tables: Enhancing Convenience

Coffee, side tables and bedsides are essential components of a cozy and functional space. Opt for multifunctional tables with storage options to reduce clutter and provide added convenience to guests during their stay. Functional yet stylish bedside tables can elevate the guest experience, offering ample space for personal belongings and providing a touch of luxury.

6. Sofas or Armchairs: Comfort in Every Corner

If you think about a break away it usually involves the comfort of a sofa. Comfortable seating is a significant aspect of holiday park accommodation. Consider investing in quality sofas or armchairs that provide ample relaxation. Choosing fabrics that are easy to clean and maintain for extended longevity. You can select from the range of sofa and fabric options on our commercial website with confidence knowing the durability and colours have been considered.

7. Wall Panelling or Blonding: Concealing Unattractive Elements

To cover the old unsightly orange lockwood or painted industrial blockwork, opt for cost-effective wall paneling or blonding. This simple upgrade can significantly improve the room's aesthetic appeal.

If you would like to discuss design solutions for your accommodation we’d love to hear from you.

You can give us a call on 07 574 1134 or contact to gain expert advice.



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