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the brief:

With its unique Beachland location, Pōhutukawa Landing is the new Metlife village offering the residents the best of both worlds, relaxed coastal living with the city just a ferry away.

The brief for the design team was to bring a warm and inviting atmosphere to the amenities building which features a café, library, wellness space, workspaces and meeting areas, as well as the shared spaces between the apartments including corridors and lobbies.

At the heart of the village sits a produce garden and residents can share their homegrown harvest at a communal table. It was this garden to table concept that provided the starting point for the interior fitout. Further inspiration was drawn from the Pōhutukawa coast and nearby harbour. 

Cafe Space Interior Design.jpg
L R.png

the outcomes:

The result is a series of spaces that are soft,  yet distinctively modern.

The theme of nature is seen in the colour palette: rich, earthy tones of moss and bottle green and burnt orange are joined by oatmeals, dusty pinks and soft greys.

From stoneware plant pots in alcoves and atop side tables to tiled bottle green planters filled with trellis plants and hanging foliage nestled between exposed beams, there is an abundance of greenery throughout the space, creating a sense of calm.

Mid century inspired furniture, bold artwork and statement lighting add a contemporary touch to the Snug and Reception but there is still a ‘lived-in’ feel, after all it is the residents’ home. 

interior design commercial.jpg


kitchen and living interior designer.jpeg


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