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When Majesty Mortgage Brokers decided to make the move into a new commercial building in Mount Maunganui, the two storey tilt slab unit was a blank canvas with an industrial feel.


Our brief: to craft a space that warmly embraced Majesty Mortgage Brokers' home-buying clients. The essence of the project brief centred on infusing the space with a  residential feel, striking a balance between a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, while maintaining a professional edge

the concept:

The unit shell had industrial tilt slab walls so dividing and softening the space to incorporate an entrance, private meeting rooms, an office area for the team and functional kitchen space was the starting point. 


Bringing a sense of "home" to the workspace was not merely a design choice; it was a strategic decision to align the environment with Majesty Mortgage Brokers' brand identity. Colours and styles synonymous with the brand were carefully selected and to be woven into the fabric of the space through wall and flooring finishes, textural elements, furnishing and art.

commercial interior design project custom doors.jpg
L R.png

the outcomes:

When you walk in the entry door, you are greeted with “Good Day Your Majesty” in an arc on the floor, this puts a smile on your face even if you’re nervous about signing your life away!


The entrance feels comfortable and relaxed as this is the space that sets the tone for the client’s experience. The woven sheer drapery and large textural rug create a casual seating space with Heirloom occasional chairs. These furnishings coupled with the feature floor lamp and olive trees start to paint a picture of what they might be wanting to achieve or feel in their own space.


The exterior of the meeting rooms feature black slatted acoustic cladding and branded steel glazed doors to bring natural light from the entrance. Internally the meeting rooms have tongue and groove panelling painted in the brand complementary colour palette with Dulux Haast Half (warm white), McKellar Saddle and Motutapo Island (sage green tones). Continuing the residential approach, dining tables and dining chairs have been utilised for both comfort and style and feature pendant lighting provides ambience and focus in the spaces. 


In selected areas the Lombok wall coverings bring in the same sage green tones while adding a layer of texture and interest.  Melteca desks in a warm walnut tone, vegan leather office chairs and a ‘resi-mercial’ carpet tile underfoot all combine to continue the residential feel of the space. Using the faux plants (no watering!) in lieu of desk dividers between the desks creates a sense of privacy, freshness and softness while the tan office chairs were chosen to give that home office feel, without compromising on the ergonomics required.


The overall finish is a cohesive space that will serve the Majesty team and their clients well into the future in comfort and style. 

commercial interiors furnishings.jpg


Luxe Lookout hero dining Tauranga interior designer.jpg


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