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The brief: The home owners were based in Hamilton and began this renovation with a view to it being their weekend beach house and eventually in years to come their retirement home. During the process the timeline was moved forward and the couple decided to move permanently to the Mount Maunganui home. The clients wanted simplicity for what would be their forever home and Urban Lounge Interiors were tasked with bringing this to life. 


The outcomes:  As with anything simple it usually has a level of complexity to it that is often unseen. The interiors team layered the interiors with natural tones and textures. Soft greys, whites and understated details bringing the brief to life.

From the bespoke Oak Flooring to the custom fittings and fixtures throughout the this home, the attention to detail is impeccable. Custom steel doors were fabricated, detailing of the bathroom tiles is exacting and the choice of very best in danish bathroomware finishes the look. Feature lighting, furnishings and window treatments all chosen to create a sense of ease and relaxation.   


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