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the concept:
A Symphony of Nature
and Luxury

Fairway Gardens stands as a testament to refined retirement living. Comprising both an amenities building and apartment complex, this community offers a comprehensive array of features designed to enhance every facet of resident life.

Fairway Gardens draws its inspiration from its enviable location adjacent to the Pakuranga Private Golf Course. This green oasis provides the perfect backdrop for a retirement community that seeks to harmonise with its natural surroundings. The amenities building itself is envisioned as an exclusive clubhouse.

Within the amenities building, residents are treated to a carefully curated selection of spaces that cater to a range of interests and activities. From the inviting café and lounges to the vibrant library and billiards room, every corner is thoughtfully designed to foster community and engagement. The inclusion of a pool, wellness area, and workspaces further enriches the experience, ensuring that residents can pursue their passions in a supportive and inclusive environment.


One of the standout features of Fairway Gardens lies in its shared apartment spaces. Thoughtfully designed corridors and lobbies serve as elegant extensions of the private residences, seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetic appeal.

together spaces commercial interiors.jpg
L R.png

the outcomes:
Elegance in Every Detail

Warmth and welcome define the space, thanks to a carefully selected array of interior furnishings, lighting, and décor. Plaid patterns and textures, thoughtfully integrated into screens and furniture finishes, establish a cohesive visual language that exudes sophistication. A delightful bird motif finds expression in custom sheers, drapes, rugs, upholstery, cushions, and art, underscoring the meticulous thought put into every element.


The bespoke aesthetic created by the Urban Lounge Interiors team, featuring brass detailing, honed stone, custom rugs, and timber accents. The deliberate juxtaposition of luxurious plank carpet tiles against plush velvets and plaids creates a sumptuous tapestry of textures.

project highlight: 
A Retreat in the Heart of the City

Despite its convenient proximity to bustling shopping centers and medical facilities, Fairway Gardens transcends the urban hustle. Step inside the amenities building, and you're instantly transported to a premium lodge, where tranquility reigns and views over the lush green fairways create a sense of serenity. This, truly, is the epitome of refined retirement living.

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