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the brief:

The brief for the Metlifecare Gulf Rise project in Red Beach was to create a village with a true sense of  community. Rather than feel like an institutional retirement home, they wanted Urban Lounge to create a village that met the expectations of a new, more discerning generation of residents, their families and the wider Red Beach community.


At the heart of the village is the Clubhouse, the amenities building where the community can come together in shared spaces, such as a café, the library, wellness facilities and workshops. To appeal to the residents it was important that the spaces not only encouraged and supported wellbeing through socialising but also felt contemporary - like an extension of the residents’ homes.


The building architecture had elements which referenced a mid century modern style and, along with the use of Stellaria brick and emerald forest green paint, they became a starting point, as did the seaside location.

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the outcomes:

The result is a series of formal but relaxed spaces with a sense of everyday luxury. They are spaces where all residents can meet comfortably with their community and interact with friends and family.


A happy balance has been achieved where the resident’s needs are met without it feeling clinical. Take the café, with its timber furniture and deep teal panelled walls, it feels like you are stepping into a high street café. However, the seats are upholstered to support diminished muscle mass, there is a high percentage of chairs with arms and all the fabrics are Crypton with spill, stain, germ and moisture protection. Plus there is illuminance contrast for ageing eyes and the space is ergonomically suitable to make it easily accessible for all.


Not only did the final result exceed the residents’ expectations but it was also under budget, which meant the clients were very happy.

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