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Design tips | Improving occupancy rates for a better return

For a long time now, Holiday parks are no longer competing against the Motel down the road. We are competing with stylish Air bnb/Bookabach type accommodation and even hotels and resorts in certain locations.

Holiday Parks point of difference has always been ‘The Experience’ but sadly too many Holiday Parks in New Zealand have been left behind in the fixed accommodation stakes because little or no attention has been paid to upgrading the interiors of their buildings.

The accommodation/communal space interior provides a huge part of ‘the experience’ for most people and it WILL be the deciding factor on where to spend their discretionary dollar.

Especially when it comes to comparing room rates and perceived value for money. Huge portions of the travelling population put great importance on the aesthetics of their accommodation.

So what are your potential guests looking for?

  • Cleanliness will always be number one – but for what the potential guest can see online prior to booking, a key factor is your bedding. Clean, modern & inviting bedding.

    • Triple sheeting or good quality quilted bed covers

    • Quality sleeping pillows

    • Décor pillows

    • Throws

  • Colour. A considered colour palette that speaks to the surroundings/location/environment of your property will always win out. Stay away from strong/angry block colours like red for example.

  • Comfort: Always choose timeless furniture rather than the latest trend. This will give you longevity out of your design and often mean that you can easily replace items if needed.

  • Artwork: Big is better! But less is more. Choose one large piece to make an impact in the space. Again, timeless but location appropriate pieces are best.

Here's a couple of example schemes to provide inspiration when considering a refurbishment. Both have a considered palette. Example one draws on influences from a coastal setting.

Example two is inspired by an Alpine retreat or Urban based location

Lastly – Photography. A picture speaks a thousand words. Investing in good quality images of your accommodation will be the best thing you ever do if you want to guarantee an increase in occupancy and the return on your investment.

If you would like to chat to the team about your refurbishment project or new build accommodation project then please don't hesitate to get in touch on 07 574 1134 or email



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