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Upgrade & Investment Plans for your Property

Needing to plan upgrades to your Interior spaces? Sounds boring and expensive right?

Not true! Your accommodation interiors are a key driver to sales conversions and enhancing guest experience. Good design does not have to be expensive. In fact – it should provide you good ROI and save you a lot of time & energy!

BUT many of our accommodation clients come to us in a state of overwhelm - wondering where on earth to start when their accommodation interiors have been left to deteriorate for too long.

If you find;

  • your property doesn’t compare to the other competition in the market place

  • you struggle to sell certain unit types

  • You have spent a lot of money on band-aid fixes that aren’t lasting the distance or making the impact that you hoped they would

Then its time to consider letting us help you with your upgrade plans! Do it once and do it right – the team at Urban Lounge Interiors has the knowledge and experience to make it easy for you.

interior design reception area

We can help you with a “Master Plan”

To compete in the market place, you need to actively re-invest in your property –not just maintain it.

Avoid overwhelm with a plan;

  • Break your property down into manageable areas.

  • Audit those areas -create the ‘Master To-Do List’

  • Put them into a 12m / 2yr/3yr/5yr/10yr plans

  • Allocate budget accordingly (forward planning!)

  • Review & implement your plans regularly (constant/revolving cycle)

It’s a constant work in progress.

Choose wisely!

Carefully considered design & product choice will ;

  • Create an overall design scheme for the park

  • Cost a little bit more initially

  • Give you longevity & future proof your product

  • Minimise maintenance and Housekeeping costs

  • Save you money in the long run

Focussing on;

  • Aesthetics (the look/feel),

  • Function (how the rooms/spaces are used),

  • Practicality (choosing good quality, robust furnishings that will last the distance & save you money in the long run).

Make sure your product is highly visible

  • Invest in GOOD Photography – whether you hire a professional, a photography student or do it yourself.

  • Put it on your website! So many of our clients admit that they have not updated the images on their website for some time. This is where your booking conversions happen! So make this a top priority.

  • Promote it through your E-newsletters or booking confirmations. Use as many automated functions as possible on your Reservation System to promote updates to your guests.

  • Social media -admittedly, not everybody’s favourite thing to do, but oh so important! You’ll be surprised what a quick video of your new upgrades can generate.

What does enhancing guest experience do for your business?

  • Increases occupancy (through booking/sales conversions)

  • Increased tariffs / ability to generate ROI and increase your bottom line

  • Reduces replacement costs & band-aid fixes

  • Generates WOM

  • Generates repeat guests

  • Extends your season(s)

interior design accommodation

The finer details...

We will create a design concept for your property, whether it’s starting with 2-3 unit types, your communal spaces or the entire property.

Our aim is to provide a design concept in line with your business aspirations, that can be filtered through your property over time as budget allows. We want to provide quality and consistency to your spaces through design, making it easy for you to plan your upgrades ahead of time and budget accordingly. Ordering products through us means that our team will handle all the administration and you are getting the best trade rates that we can offer.

Lastly, our designs will make your product competitive in the marketplace and generate word-of-mouth rave-reviews!

This phase includes:

• Overall concept design direction for your property

• Furniture selection specification including soft and hard furnishings, (bedding, cushions, seating, dining, artwork, feature lighting and outdoor furniture) etc.

• Conceptual paint & floor finishes

• Spatial design – Furniture layouts (from basic dimensions or council plans)

• Visual presentation of concept via Teams meeting (or in Studio if possible)

• Quote for specified furniture & fittings

Implementation Phase:

• Management of Furniture and Furnishing pricing schedules and ordering – updating as


• Processing all Furniture and Furnishing orders – communicating with suppliers on

specifications and required delivery dates


• Freight and Installation of products supplied

• Further development of concepts to detailed design documentation. If you require

alterations or construction to your spaces and joinery drawings, construction details and

hardware changes/fit-outs are required a separate design scope can be supplied

Want to find out more? Get in touch with and begin your accommodation improvements today.



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