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Christine MORRIS


Project manager, Christine has over 40 years’  experience in sales and supply and ran her own interior design retail store before joining the Urban Lounge team. Drawing on this experience and her wealth of knowledge, Christine oversees Urban Lounge’s large commercial clients’ interior fit outs with a particular focus on the healthcare industry and upgrading holiday parks’ accommodation.

A varied role, some days Christine will be working with the design team to price everything up, other days she’ll be procuring FF&E, commissioning buildings or project managing installations. ‘I love working with our team, everyone has different skill sets, and whilst I’m not a designer, it’s great putting all their work together and being able to present it back to the designers and the clients.’

And as healthcare facilities and holiday parks have specific requirements, Christine works closely with the clients’ clinical, F&B and operational team to make sure the design team has included everything they need so that the building can fully operate. 

Designing a space that makes the staff proud is one of Christine’s driving forces, ‘I love seeing our clients’ and the public’s reactions, whether it’s residents in a retirement village or guests in a holiday park, I love to hear and see their reactions. It gives you such a great sense of satisfaction knowing that you have made the staff’s life easier by designing a building that they are proud to work in.’

As all the projects are so different, choosing a favourite is a little tricky, however one that Christine is particularly proud to have been a part of are the children’s healthcare villages throughout New Zealand. It was a chance for Christine and the team to make colourful, fun spaces for children, that through colours and textures, helped vulnerable children to feel nurtured and protected.

Choosing a favourite brand however is easier, it’s Elitis and their beautiful wallpapers and fabrics, if only they could be used in commercial projects too! 


Christine MORRIS
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