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Bringing your interior to life through wallpaper

Wallpaper not only changes the tone of a space but it's a brilliant way to inject personality through patterns, murals and textures into an interior.

Our interior designers will work closely with you to find a wallpaper that matches your vision and works with the overall look for your project; whether you’re looking to make a bold statement with a dramatic textural print for a luxe master suite, or you want to add an element of fun to a living space or bathroom in a residential interior, or you want to keep it more classic for a commercial interior. We'll find the right interior wallpaper solution for you.

We keep an extensive library of wallpapers at our studio in Tauranga and we source a lot of wallpapers internationally (from France, England and America to name a few) so that we can provide you with even more options, many of which aren’t readily available through normal retail outlets.

Start bringing your project to life, by looking at our wide variety of sample books - contact our team.

A little history...

The Chinese have the honour of inventing wallpaper; they are said to have pasted rice papers on to walls as far back as the Qin dynasty. Smoother linen fibres later replaced rice, so that painting and printing on paper became easier. By the 12th Century, the skill of paper making had spread to the West via the Silk Route.


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