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Transforming interiors through lighting

The right lighting can transform a room, adding height and depth, creating an atmosphere, illuminating the areas you want to be seen and bringing dimensions to others. The wrong lighting can also transform a room, just, for all the wrong reasons.

Planning the spatial layout of the lighting plan for your home or commercial project, our interior architects and interior designers will work with you to understand exactly what type of lighting you need for your space - whether it’s feature lighting, task lighting or ambient lighting.

We know that lighting often sets the mood and ambience for any interior environment and so needs the attention to detail that our team of experts provide.

Once we have established what sorts of lighting you need, our team of interior designers will work with our host of suppliers to find the perfect lighting solution for you. We provide high quality, stylish and practical fittings from both New Zealand and international suppliers.

From custom designed solutions to the latest international offerings the fixtures that we offer change rapidly and not all of them are reflected on our website. Talk to our team of expert interior designers about all your needs and to see the latest lighting options.


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