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Nodi: It started with a single knot

This month, our spotlight is focusing on natural rug company, Nodi. The Nodi story started when founder Olivia Moon formed a simple knot using natural fibre. This sparked an interest in creating something meaningful from irregular actions and natural products. Whilst at the International Institute of Design in Milan where she was studying Textile Design, Olivia’s fascination for forming something imperfectly perfect by hand grew - she’d make hand knotted cotton necklaces as a side project. Following a six month trip to India where Olivia visited different rug factories and learnt all there was to know about hand crafted rugs, Nodi was born.

Now, Nodi is known for its timeless and contemporary rugs that bring spaces to life and create a connection between people and their environment. Nodi offers rugs for both residential and commercial spaces (projects have included Naumi Hotel, The Britomart and Dropbox’s head office) as well as custom projects.

100% Natural Yarns Olivia and the Nodi team don’t see themselves as being separate to nature. We are, after all, a part of this planet and our actions have consequences; so Nodi works to provide a sustainable and natural alternative in an industry dominated by plastic materials such as polyester and nylon. The process of creating rugs with longevity starts with using 100% natural yarn. With a particular focus on renewable and sustainably harvested jute from West Bengal, India and a blend of wool from New Zealand and the Himalayas.

Wool is not only 100% renewable and biodegradable but also acts as a fertiliser so when it is disposed of it releases carbon and other nutrients back into the soil. Inside, it is known to regulate moisture, temperature and odour, and is hypoallergenic making it ideal for use in busy spaces.

Known as the ‘golden fibre’ jute is a versatile fibre that is equally as eco-friendly. It’s thought that a hectare of jute plants consumes around 15 tonnes of carbon dioxide and then releases 11 tonnes of oxygen. Inside, advantages include good insulation and antistatic properties.

Buy Less, Buy Better

The rugs are made by skilled artisans in certified GoodWeave ® factories in India (GoodWeave ® works to end child labour) using traditional wooden looms. At times there’ll be up to four people working on a rug! By using such skilled weavers and all natural materials, Nodi’s have a longevity to them. This means that rather than needlessly needing to produce new collections each season, Nodi has a core range of timeless rugs which they then add individual new styles to, to fill in any gaps. This means they produce less waste as they aren’t having to keep up with trends or shifting stock each season. As they say, buy less, buy better.

A Safe Night

Another reason, we’re big fans of Nodi Rugs? For every Nodi rug purchase they buy a Safe Night, an initiative of the Women’s Refuge New Zealand that helps women and children in need. 200 women and children need a safe place to escape to every night, and by purchasing a Safe Night, they receive a safe, clean bed, a hot meal, secure transport, support and advice.


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