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Dulux’s Colour Forecast 2023: Balance, Connect, Revive

Every year the colour team at Dulux research and curate colour schemes, and predict the trends that will be most seen in our homes and spaces in the year ahead. If you’re looking for inspiration to take to your designer or architect or you’re just considering a paint project, then take a look at the Dulux Colour Forecast 2023. For 2022 Dulux predicted ‘Flourish, Restore and Wonder’ the colours inspired a sense of adventure, reassurance and nostalgia and for 2023, they’re continuing this theme of both reconnecting post-pandemic but also nurturing and nourishing. The three palettes are, as Dulux says, ‘inspired by our need to reconnect with nature, desire for balance and calm. As well as revitalising our spirit with joy and play.’

Balance Inspired by the mesmerising draw of the ocean and its soothing effect, the Balance palette is made up of calming oceanic blues including Dulux Pure Blue Half and Dulux Kimberely Sea and soft greens such as Dulux Moana Reserve Half and Dulux Manorburn Quarter. Punctuating these colours are the darker Dulux Deep Garnet and Dulux Rāwene.


Revive Revive is designed to bring out our individual creativity and sense of playfulness in a vibrant clash of colours, patterns and styles. The palette includes the bright golden Dulux Tata Beach, the emerald Dulux Pharoah’s Gem and the candy pinks of Dulux Rangiora and Dulux Ashburton.


Connect One outcome of the pandemic is the advance in working remotely giving us more freedom to both live and work in rural settings. So too did the lockdowns show us the importance of nature and the outdoors in our daily lives. Connect’s palette of soft earthy neutrals, muted-greens and wheat yellows is combined with deeper browns and rich charcoals to create a feeling of sustainability and authenticity in our surroundings. Colours in the palette include Dulux Gentle Annie, Dulux Pataua Beach and Dulux Mt Inaccessible.

If you need help choosing a colour scheme for your next project or transforming a space then get in touch with Urban Lounge Interiors, we’d love to hear from you.



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