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Katherine LENNOX


When Katherine was clearing out some of her mum’s old things, she found a picture she had drawn when she was just 3 or 4. The subject was ‘What do you want to be when you’re older’ and beneath it her mum had written Katherine’s response: build buildings. Fast forward to now and interior architect Katherine has over 25 years’ experience working in the industry, numerous awards to her name and has held a number of positions from managing director of her own interior architecture company in Sydney to design manager for the development of Bayfair Mount Maunganui.

With an all encompassing role at Urban Lounge, day to day Katherine can be found doing everything from designing, documenting and drawing in CAD to project management. But it’s strategic planning, analysing and problem solving that are Katherine’s forte. ‘I enjoy working with clients to really understand what they want from the space so that we can achieve the best results, it’s all about making someone’s life easier.  I love projects where I can be in full control of a space to meet their needs, not just adding the finishing touches. It’s even better when they’re technically challenging, when you have an issue and you’re able to solve it it opens up the way for even more ideas!’ 

For Katherine, inspiration comes in all forms - she’s just as likely to be inspired from watching a bumble bee buzz around a flower as she is from social media. And whilst Katherine’s favourite space to design is bars, ‘there’s that mix of functionality, high-end finishes and a chance to push a concept’, when it comes to choosing one interior style, that’s a bit more tricky.

‘In my ideal world I’d have five houses, each with five completely different styles - I can’t pigeonhole myself to just one style!’  


Katherine LENNOX
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