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Colour isn't just limited to paint, and wallpaper can be used to bring a change in tone, texture or even pattern. 

Where there is a complex mix of colour a pattern or texture can be used to tie elements together, or add personality with fun, drama, boldness, or textural weaves. 

We source a lot of our wallpapers internationally, and they aren't readily available through normal retail outlets. French, English and American to name a few sources. 

We hold a wide variety of sample books to help develop your vision for your space - contact our team


Picking colours for your home or work space can be daunting. There are literally hundreds of options to choose from, and each colour can evoke a different feeling or create a certain atmosphere in the space. 

Colour can also be used to define open spaces, such as the dining room from the kitchen/living spaces.

We work closely with clients to understand their needs, how the space will be used and develop a cohesive and appropriate colour palate. 

Urban Lounge Trades can assist with any painting requirements.


To find the right feature lighting is often a difficult task and a host of our suppliers provide beautiful pendants and feature lights fit for every purpose. 

In any room, understanding what type of lighting you need from task through to mood lighting or feature lighting helps us understand where types of fixtures need to be placed and whether they are featured or hidden for ease of work space or completing tasks. 

We can provide both NZ made and imported fittings, which change rapidly and not all are reflected on our website. Talk to our team about your needs and to see the latest lighting options. 

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