Poynton Terrace Apartment

Grant Sanderson, Director of Bluzone Group, is a successful apartment developer who specialises in turn-key refurbishments of inner city apartments not only for his own portfolio, but also for investor clients. When Grant purchased a 9th floor apartment in the new Poynton Terrace development for his personal use, he decided to engage an experienced interior design company who could interpret a design brief to create his own inner city lifestyle. 

The Urban Lounge team managed to stretch even Grant’s exacting requirements, to create a modern yet comfortable haven for him to relax and unwind, and entertain his friends on the large deck overlooking the rooftops of Auckland City to the Harbour. The inclusion of metallic tiles, copper light fittings, copper drapery, copper highlighted floor rug, and dramatic feature wallpapers were used to compliment the furnishings in white, bold citrus, charcoal and midnight. 

This apartment was transformed to reflect the personality of it’s owner, and is now the envy of it’s neighbours. Grant was a pleasure to work with, and we know he is enjoying the fruit of his labours.


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