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Élitis: Reshaping, Redefining and Reinterpreting Materials

The second subject in our ‘Spotlight On’ series is Élitis, the contemporary and innovative wallcovering and fabric brand that blurs the lines between fashion, art and interiors.

Back in 1988 Patrice Marraud des Grottes founded Élitis wanting to fill a gap in the market for novel, playful and colourful wallpapers. Fast forward to now and taking a tour through Élitis’ collection is like globe trotting through the world’s galleries and museums. There’s the Grand hôtel collection that borrows from the art deco movement with a dose of Wes Anderson.

Or lose yourself in the story 360° a collection of panoramic shared moments and memories - wander through a jungle or while away the hours in a restaurant. Then there’s Océania which employs raw textures like printed paper and mesh fabric inspired by a tropical storm.

Not just limited to wallcoverings and fabrics, Élitis also creates cushions, quilts, bedding and rugs including the Kool collection, a series of unique, handmade braided jute rugs.

As Élitis says, they are: ‘Inviting new materials to the world. Reshaping our ideas of linen, quartz or even precious wood. Giving ancient gestures a new language. Reinterpreting an art against all odds… Our philosophy is that of innovation and metamorphosis.’

And to this, the company has recently launched S.O.LO or Sense of Living Objects projects:

‘Are spontaneous mini collections which may emerge at any point in the year. They are born when we fall in love with a special texture or discover an innovative effect. Original but solitary creations that take centre stage outside the year’s main events.’

To start is the Silver Collection 2022 which focuses on the art of weaving metallic threads to create mesmerising reflections that dance across your walls. You’ll see glints of gold and shimmers of silver as the wallcoverings change with the light of the day. Technically challenging, creating the collection required absolute precision and special hand looms, but the result is just testament to Élitis dedication in innovative and redefining materials.



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