Grace Hospital Day Recovery

Grace Hospital Day Stay project was completed in conjunction with the refurbishment of the North Wing of the Hospital. This is a well used space that needed to be practical and private but also calming, comfortable and interesting for patients recovering from surgery. 

A feature wallpaper was selected to add visual impact alongside a calming colour palette tying in with the existing interior of the hospital. We designed and custom built moveable screens for privacy, they feature a ā€˜Gā€™ print that ties in and compliments the Grace Hospital brand. From the reception counter, to the drapery and kitchenette, fabrics and materials were selected ensuring suitability for the space specific for the way the hospital runs and functions on a day to day basis. We put first the everyday usage of the space, therefore creating a better work environment for the staff and nurses, so they are able to offer the best service possible to their patients. 


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