How Lighting Can Craft a Space

The most effective way to elevate the atmosphere, adaptability and design of a space is through lighting. When dreaming up new spaces, or renovating existing ones, what many business owners and homeowners can often overlook is the incredible effect that lighting has on the way we experience a room. Although lighting can be subtle to the eye, the impact on how it makes a person feel is not easily forgotten.

Crafting a space takes intentionality, innovation and strategy, especially when it comes to a lighting plan - getting it right could be what sets you apart, and makes people want to stay that little bit longer.

At Urban Lounge Interiors, we provide the full service from helping you dream up possibilities for your space, to the complete installation. In the hands of our team of professionals, all you need to do is sit back and watch as your space is transformed before your eyes. From family homes to large communal dining spaces, or hotel rooms to shopping malls, we love to craft spaces to not only be efficient and effective but leave a lasting impression.

Here are some of the ways we like to craft spaces with our cutting-edge lighting plans:


A great atmosphere is established when the ambience or feeling a room gives you reflects the purpose and function it was designed to have. For example, a well-designed office space will have lighting that feels bright and natural without being harsh on the eyes along with task lighting that makes work stations distinct and efficient; whereas a dining space (particularly large communal dining spaces), will have soft, warm lighting to create an intimate ambience around a table. 


In modern design, spaces are often large and created to be multi-functional. These spaces, like open-plan homes, cafes, workplaces and lobbies, require lighting plans that can adapt to how they are being used, how many people are in the space, and the time of the day. Layering lighting is the key; strategically placed lighting like dimmable ceiling lights, wall-mounted lights and lamps are fantastic ways to transform a lobby from welcoming guests in the morning to hosting a function in the evening, or to transform a cafe where people often work from their laptops during the day, to hosting a music performance at night. 

Focal Points

Using lighting to create a focal point within a space is what brings the wow-factor to a design. If you have purchased a property for it’s stunning architecture, invested in a beautiful piece of art, or have specifically incorporated a unique design element into your space, you need to give it the lighting plan it deserves. Spotlights, LED tape, and directional lighting are just some of the ways you can highlight the most beautiful feature of the room and bring it to life. 

If a space is lacking in unique features, a great way to create a focal point is by installing a feature light. Artistic or architectural feature lights are perfect for large spaces like shopping malls and restaurants where the ceilings can often make the space feel cold and boxy. 
Bland rooms, or areas that are difficult to decorate can also be transformed into beautiful spaces by installing a feature light.

The right lighting plan is the key to crafting spaces people don’t want to leave. Strategically chosen lighting creates an atmosphere that emphasizes the purpose of a space, increases the functionality of a space, and elevates the design of space. We would love to work with you to design a lighting plan that sets you apart. 

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