Let the Floors do the Talking

Buildings start from the ground up! Just like how a solid foundation creates a home that will weather storms, the flooring that’s placed in each room plays a massive part in the character and purpose of each space. Whether you’re after a colour injection or are rounding out your interiors, thinking through your flooring will create a home with depth and layers of personality.

 A few of our favourite ways to let the floors do the talking is by making the most of:


An oldie but a goodie, tiles allow you to tell whatever story you like! Whether you stick to warm and soothing tones or ramp it up a notch with bold geometric patterns, you can set the mood for each space. Recurring patterns and strong lines guide the eye around a room, adding depth and a sense of motion. 

Tiles are easy to clean which has traditionally made them the obvious solution for high-mess areas such as the kitchen, bathroom and laundry. Fast-forward to the modern day, and we love the idea of tiles wherever and however they fit! You can cram in the character and match the walls or backsplash, and we even tiled the main living area of this recent Mount Maunganui home. 


The world of rugs is larger than the Persian one at your grandparent’s place! A living, breathing contradiction, rugs simultaneously harmonise and separate. They’re a key element in defining boundaries and creating a cohesive space. Using complimentary rugs in neighbouring areas unifies the home and creates a visual connection between each room, drawing the eye from space to space in harmony.  

Soft and natural or bright and bold, rugs bring character and warmth. They’re perfect in open-plan living spaces or workplaces, to ground each area and bring a sense of intimacy to large spaces. Fabric absorbs sound, so rugs are also wonderfully practical when placed on tiled or wooden floors. 

Note: Make sure your rugs are the right size for the space - leaving key parts of the floor visible makes the room look larger.

​Wooden Flooring

The soft honey tones of a wooden floor are always a welcome sight. From classic kiwi baches to new minimal apartments, wooden floors are a staple in the quiver of New Zealand homes. They’re forgiving when things are dropped and can be rejuvenated and revamped time and time again.

To seamlessly flow from the indoors out, New Zealand suppliers like our friends at Forte Flooring have developed flooring and decking matches! 

​Get in Touch

Whether you’re uncovering the beautiful flooring that’s been hiding under old carpet or planning a new home, we’d love to help!

Urban Lounge Interiors are an interior design studio based in Mount Maunganui, in the Bay of Plenty. We’re here to capture your dreams and ideas and make the whole process simple, by managing the project from the concept stage right through to installation! 

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