Practical Fabrics for Practical Spaces

So, you’ve been dreaming of what your space could look like with a bit of a facelift? Maybe you’ve got some Instagram worthy design goals, but you just know it won’t be able to survive the wear and tear of everyday life? Performance fabrics are about to be the hero of your story.

Whether you’ve been thinking about a home renovation, an office remodel, or a restaurant fit-out, performance fabrics are the solution to designing a space that’s both beautiful and practical.

​What are performance fabrics?

Just like every other industry, fabric and textile manufacturers are constantly improving the way they do things. Performance fabrics have been engineered to be exceedingly more durable than traditional fabrics while keeping the same comfort and feel. They have a high UV resistance (keeping colours vibrant), a tough stain resistance (making furniture easy to clean and odour free), great resistance to pilling and fuzzing, mould and mildew, and are water-resistant!

At their conception, performance fabrics were created primarily for outdoor furniture, but have now developed with the ability to imitate a range of fabrics from linen to velvet. While most performance fabrics rate well in all areas, some are made with specific strengths which make them more suited for specific furniture pieces or areas of your space.  

​Game changers - here are some of our favourite ways to use performance fabrics:

Meeting Rooms
Office spaces can often have beautiful foyers and waiting areas, but once you enter the everyday meeting rooms and desk areas it can start to become very commercial, stiff, and uninspiring. Sometimes the areas we spend the most time in can be the most unexciting.
We love to design workspaces that make you feel inspired, comfortable, and ready to come up with your best ideas; performance fabrics allow us to use colourful and comfortable chairs that will brighten up the room, and be able to withstand hours of meetings every day of the week. 

There’s nothing like spending an afternoon nestled in a cosy sunroom! Warm spots in your home can be the perfect nook to place a comfy lounger, but the abundance of sunlight can wreak havoc on fabric that wasn’t designed for it. Performance fabrics are here to save the day! There are now so many different colours and types of textiles available that will withstand the sunlight and last for decades. Whether you choose to reupholster an already beloved piece of furniture or you’re after a new favourite - there are so many options available to keep your home cosy for the long run. 

Cafe or Restaurant Seating

The hospitality industry is notorious for having quite plain and uncomfortable seating, in favour of being easy to clean. Performance fabrics open up whole new opportunities for the seating of your restaurant to be the star of the space. Whether it’s a bright colour or a stunning fabric that you have your eye on, we can help you find the right fabric for what you need. Performance fabrics are incredibly easy to maintain; most fabrics will cause spills to bead up (meaning that cleaning is only a quick blot), they do not require harsh chemicals to clean well, and most come with a 3-5 year warranty. Performance fabrics are key to creating a cafe or restaurant where people want to stay a while.

Great design is always about creating spaces that are not just beautiful but are practical as well. Performance fabrics are a staple of every design as we strive to create spaces that stand the test of time in durability and look and feel. Whether you’ve got a small reupholstering project or a large fit-out, we’d love to work with you to create the space you’ve always dreamt of! 


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