Bring Personality to a Space Through Colour

Gone are the days of white walls. A canvas is never made to stay blank! 

Adding colour to your home can be one of the most effective ways to create a space you love to spend time in. Colour is a tool, and when used in the right way it can dramatically change the way a room feels. 

When you walk into your bedroom, does it make you feel relaxed? When you walk into your study, do you feel ready to focus? We design spaces to evoke feelings and emotions that are aligned with the purpose of the room, and colour plays a massive part in that experience!

For example:
Red emotes feelings of energy, danger, strength, power, and determination, but also passion, desire, and love.
Green represents nature and symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness.
Orange conveys joy, enthusiasm, courage, and adventure. 

Colour Brings Personality to a Space By:

Creating Atmosphere

Walking away from the safe monochromes can feel daunting, but introducing tasteful colours will drastically change the atmosphere of the space. Tones can change the way we perceive a room’s size or shape. Lighter shades and cooler tones of colours will make spaces feel more open and spacious, which is a great solution for rooms that feel dark and claustrophobic. Darker shades and warmer tones can create more of a cozy and personable ambience within larger spaces that feel too stark and uncomfortable.

Colour can be introduced through many avenues, from painted feature walls and subtly textured wallpaper through to curtains and window treatments. When designed thoughtfully, a room full of colour will feel cohesive and inviting. 

​Defining Space

Over the last decade, we’ve seen both home and business owners embrace the spaciousness and unrestricted feel of open-plan living. Once the furniture arrives, the office gets unpacked or the family moves in, the generous space can soon become cluttered and overwhelming.

Colour is a great way to create subtle boundaries that bring definition to different areas while keeping the functionality of the open-plan space as a whole.

Open-plan doesn’t mean that all the walls have to be the same colour - corners and panels can be painted or wallpapered to create depth and distinguish them from the rest of the space (eg. around a dining room table). Rugs are another fantastic way to define space by anchoring the lounge area, establishing the boundaries of the dining area, or creating a clear and welcoming entryway. 

​Bringing Focus

Carefully curated spaces always have a focal point for your eyes to rest upon, bringing ease to the mind and direction to the room. This is where colour can get really fun! A striking piece of art, the family heirloom vintage chair or stunning tiles in the kitchen… they all command attention and bring personality to a space.

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