Colour Trends - Reflect

The age of intelligence may be upon us, but our romance with the past lives on. As smart technology reshapes the look and feel of our everyday life, we take the opportunity to reflect and reconnect with the design icons of our past.

In this trend, classic form meets opulent style in eclectic mixes from different design eras, providing a feeling of sophistication, elegance and indulgence.

The trend features a moody and reflective palette focusing on greens and warm shades, from pink to greyed-off purple hues, with avocado featuring as a highlight accent. Traditional colours are brought together in combinations that stay true to the classics while modern design twists are added through unexpected d├ęcor, furnishings and art. Metallic accents add to the luxurious feel of the trend.

Overall, this palette creates moody spaces that are both elegant and timeless.We hope you enjoy these trends, you can read more about Reflect on the Dulux Website.   

Source: Dulux Photographer: Lisa Cohen. Styling: Bree Leech


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