The Impact of Consumer Culture

Bali is full of artisan treasures from it’s architecture through to it’s furniture, homewares and clothing. It’s hard not to be inspired by the level of design in Bali, however sadly it's hard to miss the build up of excess rubbish, lack of recycling, infrastructure and systems to cope with it all.

Sally found the contrasts in Bali sobering - from the traditional labour intensive artisan craftsman who work tirelessly for weeks or months to create a treasure, to the invading levels of throwaway product building up with nowhere to go.

This reality reaffirms how important is it to consider before we buy. How long will an item last, do we love it or will it tire quickly? Instead of buying throw away items, perhaps because they are on trend, consider investing in a piece which will have a long life in your space. Selecting a good frame and shape when choosing furniture gives you the option to simply reupholster it for a fresh new look in future years. 


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