Colour Trend - Kinship

The Dulux Colour Trends have been announced for 2018, and they are beautiful.The trends revolve around the theme of balance, with emphasis on enjoying your 'space', being at peace within the moment and taking the time to retreat from the hustle and bustle we live in. 

Here's a brief look at the colour palette we have chosen to feature first this year, Kinship. This design style promotes warmth and relaxation, drowning out negative vibes and introducing elements of earth and cultural heritage. "It’s time to switch off the noise and drown out the negative vibes. Create space for compassion and kindness, truth and transparency. In doing so we find new joy in reviving long-held traditions and cultural influences igniting our sense of community and kinship."We hope you enjoy, and you can read even more about Kinship on the Dulux Website.       


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